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About the Galleries

This site contains four galleries of work, each containing 15 panoramic images. They are Travelers 1, Travelers 2, Portraits & Selfies, and Quiet Places. The Travelers galleries are lively mixes of places and the people who come to experience them. Portraits & Selfies concentrate on myself and other individuals in interesting locations, and Quiet Places are just that, mostly without a human presence.
In each gallery, images can be advanced by clicking on the navigation arrows ( < and > ) near the edges of each piece. Clicking near the middle of each will play a 50 second slow scroll of it, showing the title and greater detail. Clicking on the 'Close' button will return to the image itself.


Since this is a lot of material to take in, I hope you will view it in a leisurely fashion and return, if necessary, to spend more time with the work.

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